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I have like 3 asks in my inbox from battybatty at separate instances that just say my name

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 11:42am
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Green Night Parade (feat.星子) - Green Night Parade

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 01:53am

dqlizard replied to your photoset “I went to a friends breaking in the bar party tonight and let me just…”

what? pay what you want drinks?

Yeah! I paid 10 bucks and got an old fashioned, a black velvet cocktail that my friend created and a bolshevik bastard imperial stout

rootbeersss replied to your post “you’re hella fine.”

you a fine ass trick

nah ain’t no trick but a whole lot of fine ass (there is no ass) (there is zero ass)

buttholeos replied to your post “What’s your ex’s name?”

Can’t believe u guys broke up

I was never good enough for him. He is love. He is all

veronicabetsieaguirre replied to your post “What’s your ex’s name?”

Shrek is missing out now. He’s Ogre It though.

It’s all ogre now……

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 01:37am
Tuesday Sep 9 @ 01:25am

Anonymous said: What's your ex's name?


Tuesday Sep 9 @ 12:56am

That being said it was a very small bar and it was way too busy for my friend to be the only bartender and also their air conditioning wasn’t working yet so it was a sauna in there

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 12:34am

I went to a friends breaking in the bar party tonight and let me just say, I can definitely get down with pay-what-you-want drinks

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 12:28am

Anonymous said: you're hella fine.


Tuesday Sep 9 @ 12:28am
Dude my underwear is so gnarly today

Dude my underwear is so gnarly today

Tuesday Sep 9 @ 12:05am

Tumblr has an unhealthy obsession with romanticizing mental illness like y’all need to stop that

Monday Sep 9 @ 07:17pm


High Park, Toronto

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custom sketchbook portrait commissions are now available

i’ve been asked many times why i don’t offer a custom portrait option on my etsy store, and i never really had an answer, so now it’s there for y’all to use. all you have to do is provide me a photo of you or the person you want me to draw!

black and white portraits are $30
colour portraits are $40

everything you’d need to know is detailed in the listing on my etsy page, so just click here to be taken to it.

thank you!

Monday Sep 9 @ 12:56am
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